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2018-04-10 11:50:52

Oh to be a new Teacher. All the years of late night study sessions and preparing for exams has finally come to a close and now the day that you have waited on for 4 or more years has finally come and gone. You are now about to embark on a journey of life, experiences and exploration like you have never experienced before. Along with those experiences the wonderful world of work, projects and deadlines await most of you.

These are the kinds of experiences that now will consume your time, test your patience and at times make you question your choice of career. The work world can be a wonderful place where you meet really great people and form team bonds that are solid. It can also be a place where you will find out the most about yourself. Approach the world of work with an open mind, look at those hardhsips as opportunities to learn and grow. Collaborate with colleagues and get involved with professional organizations that will assist in your growth and maturity.

Stay away from office gossip and cliques in the workplace, these are the deterants that can easily impede your progress and take away your creative juices. Working within your chosen profession of Teaching will bring you many many ah-ha moments as you reach those students who are hard to reach can certainly be life changing experiences. Embrace these times of work, be the master of your craft, work hard and watch the fruits of your labors be plentiful.   

Jason E. KennedyDirector, Talent Acquisition Wake County Public School System

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