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2019-08-03 17:04:22

Saturday, August 3, 2019, 16:39

Malta – Croatia 12 – 13 (1-4, 3-4, 5-3, 3-2)

Malta played the opening match of the competition against Croatia.

The boys were slow to start and ended the first session 4-1 down with Mark Castillo claiming the goal.

In the second session, Malta improved and ended the session 3-4 with Sam Gialanze claiming the 3 goals.

In the third session, Malta continued their comeback and closed the gap with goals coming from Ryan Galea, Alec Fenech, Sam Gialanze (2) and Mark De Marco.

Going into the final session with a two-goal deficit, the team fought hard but unfortunately the Croatian goalkeeper, who saved three penalties and made several fine saves throughout the game denied Malta gaining a point from this match which ended 12-13 in favour of Croatia.  In the last session, Mark Castillo, Sam Gialanze and Matthew Mifsud were Malta’s scorers.

Georgia – Malta 12 – 12 (1-1, 4-3, 4-5, 3-3)

This was the second match for both teams and although the boys were concentrated throughout the match, Malta were never ahead. Sam Gialanze claimed the first goal with 41 seconds left in the session.

In the second session, Malta conceded 3 goals before reacting through Kieyan Borg, Matthew Mifsud and Sam Gialanze.

In the first possession of the third session Sam Gialanze equalised but the Georgians scored 2 quick goals. Mark Castillo and Sam Gialanze brought Malta back on level terms and the same two players claimed another goal each to end the session at 9-9.

In the 4th session, Georgia once again went ahead with 2 quick goals but Sam Gialanze once again found the net to lessen the gap. Matthew Mifsud and Alec Fenech claimed the last two goals of the match which ended in a 12-12 draw.

Anthony Farrugia, U15 National Coach, was very pleased with the team’s performance in the first two matches of this prestigious competition.

These matches were played at 09:00 and at 18:00hrs with a short recovery time but under the guidance of John Xerri de Caro, the boys were well prepared for both games.

It is evident that our players are in the peak of the season and well prepared by their clubs. All the players had a chance to prove themselves when called upon.

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